Back to school - Get your glasses!

It's Back to School time, and for many of us that means buying backpacks, new clothes, pencils and more. This year we're thinking even more than usual about the health of our children. While we can't control everything, we can give our kids the best chance possible. Here's V R Optical's Back to School Kids' Health Checklist:

- Get their eyes checked! Your child needs to be able to see the teacher and/or screen. Book your annual (free) eye exam as soon as possible.

- Protect from blue light. With kids spending more time than ever in front of their screens we need to make eye health a priority. Blue light glasses prevent strains and sleep disruption. They are a great idea for everyone, children included.

- Start getting everyone on a school-year sleep and wake up schedule. Take the remainder of summer to ease in to the new daily routine.

- Get their regular immunizations. Check with your local school board to make sure your child has the immunizations required to attend school.

- Make sure shoes and backpacks are well-fitted and ready for everything your child will throw at them.